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    Peer review is the process of engaging substantive experts to read and comment on new research in the fields in which they study in order to validate and certify that research.

    Peer review is an essential dividing line for judging what is scientific and what is speculation. The process screens article submissions and requires that authors meet the standards of their discipline and achieve scientific objectivity. This means that science is more than just another opinion.

    The path to acceptance begins with the journal editors. They first review the submission to make sure it fits both the journal's subject-matter focus and its editorial platform.

    IJLESS follows double-blind review, in which the identities of the author and referees are both hidden, making it easier for reviewers to focus on the paper itself without being swayed by any preconceived ideas about the author or his institution.

    All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening, anonymous refereeing by independent expert referees, and consequent revision by article authors when required. The published article constitutes the final, definitive, and citable Version of Scholarly Record.

    Peer review should aim to establish that:
    a submitted article is original work which has not been previously published nor is under consideration by another journal, in part or whole;
    the article meets all applicable standards of ethics;
    the paper is relevant to the journal’s aims, scope, and readership;
    a submitted article presents original research findings;
    a submitted review article (or similar) offers a comprehensive critical review and evaluation of key literature sources for a given topic; and
    the article is methodologically and technically sound.

    Diagram of a 'typical' peer review process


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